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Mount Hope Church of God



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                                                  Mount Hope Church of God, Leechburg, PA

On January 4, 1895, A group of twenty persons met in Cranes School Building in Bagdad to plan and organize a church building. Trustees and a building committee were named under the leadership of Reverend George Statler, Pastor of the Church of God in Tarentum, PA. A parcel of land was purchased, and a down payment of $5.00 was made. The construction of the building began on July 10, 1895 and was completed on July 24, 1895. The first service was held on July 30, 1895. A dedication service followed on August 25, 1895. The entire cost of the church building; labor, fixtures, Etc. amounted to $442.05, and $20.00 for the plot of ground. Names on the roll included Families of Billips, Burns, Coleman, Gamble, McCormick, Metzler, Phillips, and Shultz.  In the late 1920's, when older members died, leaving a lack of interest in the younger generation. The building became dilapidated and it had to be razed.

In November 1932, Percy Schrecongost, Trustee, called a meeting to plan a new church building. Other Trustees included James H. Burns, Chauncey A. Coleman Sr., Hilary Metzler, William E. White, Robert Grafton. Hence the present building was erected. The late Chauncey A. Coleman Sr. was instrumental in receiving help from the Western Pennsylvania Conference to provide a minister.

The church building was redecorated under Reverend James Nye, and Later during the service of Reverend I. Clyde May. The basement was refinnished, a well was drilled, and a restroom was installed. The Reverend May was the first Full-Time minister in the church history. In 1962, Reverend Larry White assumed the pastorate roll. In September of 1963, Reverend David Stickley came as a Part-Time Minister.

In late Spring of 1964, a beautiful stainless steel steeple was erected in memory of deceased members and friends. In 1965 a building fund was started, to some day purchase materials for a recreation/fellowship building.